The Project:
May we introduce the Germany based Worldmusic-Jazz-Group TRIOTONOS, merging good-handmade-music from around the globe. Based in the multi-cultural melting pot of Frankfurt am Main in Germany, Tritonos started as a small jazz ensemble. Through the cultural diversity of Frankfurt and it´s music scene, Triotonos quickly became an open minded collective with participants from Europe, South America, Russia, Africa and Asia, living and gathering in Frankfurt.

All members are professional musicians from different musical and cultural backgrounds such as Germany, India, Russia, Bolivia and Morocco, driven by the deep love for music.Trained in different stlyes of music, Triotonos as a collective melts music genres like Flamenco, Indian Music, European Classic, Latin, Gnawa, Jazz and even Hip Hop to an exciting spiced stew, far off any cultural and musical boundaries. Another proof that music seems to be literally the universal language.